Through the transformative power of the Holy Spirit, this ministry seeks to bring healing to the broken-hearted and guide them towards a path of salvation and enlightenment. The ultimate goal is to bring honor and praise to God, as He desires that every individual be rescued and gain a deep understanding of His existence.

Our mission

Our mission is centered around sharing the incredible news of hope and freedom that can be found in Christ with the world. We believe that everyone is invited to experience the transformative power of faith and the life changing effect it can have on their lives.

Our vision

We aim to witness individuals embracing the freedom, healing, love, and peace that are derived from cultivating a deeply personal connection with the Lord. Our ultimate desire is to witness people leading a life filled with triumph and success, anchored in their faith in Christ.

Meet the servant of God

Maria Aina Billones

Maria Aina Billones is a devoted evangelist and prayer warrior who passionately seeks to guide others towards salvation through the power of God's love and light. With a heart full of compassion and a strong desire to share her faith, Aina operates under the influence of her personal encounter with Jesus and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Originally from the Philippines, she now resides in Western Australia, where she experienced a life-changing encounter with Jesus that transformed her entire existence. Through her ministry, Aina strives to bring others closer to Christ and spread the message of God's unfailing love throughout her community and beyond.